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Thread sealant

thread sealant
The easiest way is to use thread sealant, which is sold in tubes of various capacities and requires no additional preparation for application. It is a substance that is applied directly to the pipe threads or to the winding (additional fibrous material such as linen).

It fills all formed internal cavities well and forms a barrier to leaks after drying. The main disadvantage is that later disassembly is not expected. If the joint does need to be disassembled, it needs to be cleaned and re-sealed when the joint is reconnected. Technically it is not difficult, but it requires time and availability of the appropriate components.

Sealants, which are applied directly to the surface, are also called plumber's glue, though its adhesive properties are not expressed too strongly. The version with a winding is considered more reliable, since the fibers swell over time and overlap the gaps tightly.

To select the method of sealing should be guided by the pressure inside the plumbing system - if it is low, then gluing silicone sealant will be quite enough.

The anaerobic sealant is the most popular sealant for plumbing in this group today. Its application requires several typical operations.

Preparation of pipe surfaces for sealing: washing, degreasing, drying. 
  • The cleaner they are, the more reliable adhesion to the metal will be.
  • Application of material to the threads in the place of the future connection. It must be continuous and performed just before assembly. Too long a pause can adversely affect the quality of the joint. Different manufacturers have their own time settings, and you should familiarize yourself with them in advance. It is important to apply a sufficient amount of anaerobic so that it can fill all the internal space (glue the thread coils to each other).
  • Reliable pulling of the connection. Of course, manual force will not be enough, and in all situations you need to use wrenches. Excess sealant can be immediately removed from the pipe.
  • Waiting for the specified time required for curing and gaining the desired properties. The information is stated on the package, and, as a rule, 15-30 minutes are needed for basic curing. Full curing and set of performance properties takes several hours. After this time, no tightening of the nut is allowed, as any misalignment will affect the sealing parameters.
The entire cycle of applying anaerobic sealant to threaded joints takes little time and is suitable for do-it-yourself use in the home. The nozzle on the tubes simplifies the task and avoids contamination.

A specially designed classification determines not only the operating temperature (for heating and hot water) and the permissible diameter of the pipe, but also the force to be applied to separate the joint - weak, medium or large. The latter type is recommended for pipes with a diameter greater than 2.5 inches and use preheating during disassembly.

Before sealing the joint of the water pipe, it is necessary to make sure that the adhesive for plumbing belongs to the category of environmentally friendly products - the inscription on the tube will tell us about it - "sanitary". Otherwise, it is possible that undesirable chemical elements may enter the water.